LibreOffice Debian/Ubuntu Team growing

Posted by Bjoern Michaelsen on 7 March 2013

LibreOffice Debian/Ubuntu Team growing

"Ich danke der Academy für das Erkennen von Talent."

-- Ich danke der Akademie, Kettcar

So, I just updated the LibreOffice version for Ubuntu Raring in the LibreOffice PPA to the 4.0.1~rc2 version, that was announced as 4.0.1 final yesterday. As we dropped the old binfilter file import upstream in LibreOffice 4, LibreOffice fits again in the ppa with all localizations -- previously the PPA versions were restricted to a subset of languages, as the buildds for the PPAs might run out of disc space otherwise. Oh, and a boring sidenote just for completeness: LibreOffice on Ubuntu LTS has been getting a stable release update to 3.5.7 a while ago. And now that 4.0.1 rc2 is declared final, I expect it to be sponsored soon to Ubuntu Raring proper.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who made this possible:

  • Rene Engelhard for his work on the Debian LibreOffice packaging, making all of this possible
  • Boaz Dodin and Rico Tzschichholz for their tireless work and initiative on backporting current releases
  • Christopher M. Penalver for churning through LibreOffice bugs in launchpad and on freedesktop, syncing and triaging them
  • Benjamin Drung for fixes, tweaks and contributions to the LibreOffice packaging both at Debian and Ubuntu
Will there be backports of 4.0.1 to older series? Well, an indiscreet look in Ricos PPA, suggests that it wont take long for them to end up in the LibreOffice ppa. Steadily, the LibreOffice team is growing -- its exciting to see so many volunteers contribute to this!

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