LibreOffice Las Palmas Hackfest 2014

Posted by Bjoern Michaelsen on 29 April 2014

LibreOffice Las Palmas Hackfest 2014

Sie singt Tag und Nacht neue Lieder,

von den Palmen am blauen Meer

-- Kein Bier auf Hawaii, originally by Paul Kuhn

So, the LibreOffice Las Palmas Hackfest 2014 is over and it was awesome. I have to thank Alberto Ruiz and University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria for their excellent hosting and support. We had the opportunity to present the LibreOffice project to the students of the university, and we did so with a set of short talks to cover a lot of ground without too much boring details. Here is the hand of my slides:

Speakerdeck on QA and Bibisecting

You can find a video of all the talks in the session on youtube. My talk starts around minute 35 and is followed by Kendys nice intro on improving the LibreOffice UI. In addition to the video, I also made a few pictures on the event, you can find them in this album.

LibreOffice Hacking

The achievements section of this Hackfest is still being populated, but despite being a smaller Hackfest, there seems to have been quite some productive work done in total. It was also very encouraging to see curious students from the university drop by, we tried to give them a gentle introduction on ways to contribute and learn more.

Our next LibreOffice Hackfest will be on June, 27-28 in Paris as has just been announced.

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