LibreOffice Quality Heroes

Posted by Bjoern Michaelsen on 1 November 2012

LibreOffice Quality Heroes

Its been a while since the LibreOffice QA team started to look for HardHacks and give them to the LibreOffice development team for their kind evaluation. While the HardHacks idea is not yet 100 days in office, it is a good idea to look how they turn out and especially give kudos to those who dared and succeeded in tackling these terrifying beasts. Here are the HardHack solvers:

It is very encouraging to see so many volunteers involved in fixing these bugs -- dispelling the myth that fixes for such hard nuts to crack cannot possibly be provided by a community. Kudos to all of those who gnarled away one or more of these and a special thanks to the volunteers!

Apart from the development side, there is the bugwrangling side too: Making a good HardHack isnt easy either -- it often takes some good bug triage instinct and skills to get all the information needed to have a good report for development. Luckily, there are some who are great at that kind of work too -- here are the top bugwranglers in October 2012:

  • 315 bug contributions: Roman Einsle
  • 300 bug contributions: Rainer Bielefeld
  • 161 bug contributions: Julien Nabet
  • 139 bug contributions: Joel Madero
  • 109 bug contributions: bfoman
  • 67 bug contributions: Korrawit Pruegsanusak
  • 54 bug contributions: Alex Thurgood
  • 47 bug contributions: Markus Mohrhard, Michael Meeks
  • 36 bug contributions: Hashem Masoud, Michael Stahl
  • 34 bug contributions: Caolan McNamara, Kaplan Lior
  • 29 bug contributions: leighman
  • 28 bug contributions: Petr Mladek
  • 27 bug contributions: manj_k
  • 26 bug contributions: Florian Reisinger
  • 23 bug contributions: Lionel Elie Mamane, Urmas D.
  • 22 bug contributions: Horst Kaleski
  • 20 bug contributions: Jean-Baptiste Faure
  • 19 bug contributions:
  • 18 bug contributions: Uwe Altmann, Andras Timar
  • 16 bug contributions: Regina Henschel
  • 15 bug contributions: Cor Nouws
  • 13 bug contributions:
  • 11 bug contributions: Rob Snelders
  • 10 bug contributions: Ivan Timofeev
All in all, LibreOffice is proceeding nicely in doing away with the huge heritage of old bugs: Right now, over 58% off all bugs filed on the LibreOffice bugtracker are already resolved (*). As Florian Effenberger said at the LibreOffice conference: We have only just begin!

You are of course invited to join the developers fixing the HardHacks or the the bugwranglers helping us pinning them down for the developers. Especially, getting started in bugwrangling is easy!

(*) ignoring feature requests

UPDATE: Kohei is such a humble and honest man -- he just notified me that I should read fdo#48366 and recheck whom to credit for it: Its really Markus Mohrhard, so one more fix in that provided by unaffiliated volunteer (moving Markus up to position two in that list too).

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