Moved from wordpress

Posted by Bjoern Michaelsen on 23 May 2023

Moved from wordpress

As announced in the last post on my wordpress blog, I moved my blog to The old content from wordpress and the even older one has been (hopefully with only limited losses) migrated and mirrored on the new site too. Both old and new content will be available on the new site free of ads: Accidentally browsing the internet without an ad-blocker, I found the old sites to be annoyingly tainted by those.

Some background:

  • The site is generated from a github repository with an automatic github workflow I customized from zbrox.
  • This static site generator is zola using a customized theme based on Zola Clean Blog by Dave Tucker.
  • The blog now being a static site, I need a new way to allow for comments and feedback. These days, the fediverse is the perfect way to do this: It also allows a discussion without splitting contributions between social media and on-site comments. I will thus link to a fediverse post that then can be replied to at the end of each post from now on.
  • There are multiple feeds to follow the blog:

Now I only need to start again to regularly write long(er) reads. I am intending to do that though.

Comments? Feedback? Additions? Most welcome here on the fediverse !