News on the LibreOffice Hamburg Hackfest 2012

Posted by Bjoern Michaelsen on 23 March 2012

News on the LibreOffice Hamburg Hackfest 2012

et me take this opportunity to shamelessly plug the LibreOffice Hamburg Hackfest on April 14/15, 2012. First let me tease you why visiting Hamburg and the Hackfest location is a good idea by quoting the Hackfest page:

Hamburg Skyline

The city of Hamburg has throughout history taken its freedom and independence as a high treasure -- as can be seen from the motto: "Libertatem quam peperere maiores digne studeat servare posteritas". It is also the closest major city to the birthplace of the codebase that later became LibreOffice. We will meet at the Attraktor, one of the homebases of the Chaos Computer Club, which has an interesting history starting with tales of international spionage during the cold war and much more (see Wikipedia). They have become older, wiser and tamer at least a bit since then, but still originate cool projects like Project Blinkenlights. Hamburg is rumored to have one of the worst climates of Germany (constant low-intensity rain), but luckily springtime is an exception: It is a most wonderful place then -- with sunshine, but not too hot.

As a proud local, I also decided to guide some sightseeing on Friday afternoon for people interested, so if you arrive early you might get to see some of the beautiful corners of Hamburg. kindly sponsors us ten T-shirts for the participants. We just decided to give those to the first ten people, who added themselves to the participant list completely with their name and shirtsize. First come, first serve here as is with travel bursaries and couch surfing, which is kindly provided by some of the Hamburg Hackers.

(If you think this is some evil plot to get you to register early, you might be onto something, but please do not tell anybody!)

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