One-click LibreOffice compiling, now with recent changes

Posted by Bjoern Michaelsen on 22 August 2011

One-click LibreOffice compiling, now with recent changes

is there, which makes a lot of things really nice and nifty, so while we are at it: a big thumbs up to Norbert for that! Hendrik Jensen send patches adjusting the Jenkins setup (Thanks!), which should make it even smoother to use. After that I also updated the Jenkins-Ubuntu setup script because we can now use the git-plugin in Jenkins in a sensible way. Among other things (like automatic triggering builds on new commits), your one click compile now has a list of changes since the last build attached to it. So now you can start your day right:

  • trigger the good-morning build (might be triggered automatically half an hour before you get up)
  • fetch a coffee or tea
  • have a look at what happened on master since your last build:

jenkins screenshot

And yes, the "detail" link show the commit locally and the "gitweb" links go to .

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