See you at the Hackfest in Hamburg this weekend

Posted by Bjoern Michaelsen on 13 June 2013

See you at the Hackfest in Hamburg this weekend

With a rebel yell: "more, more, more"

More, more, more.

Rebel Yell, Billy Idol

This weekend the LibreOffice community will meet again in Hamburg for the third Hackfest at this location:

Hamburg Hackfest Logo

Hackers at Hackfest Hamburg 2012

Hackers on the last Hamburg Hackfest
Like last year, this years Hackfest gets kicked off with a meet and greet at the Schachcafe on Friday 20:00 o'clock local time. Think of it like the "beer event" at FOSDEM, which helps everyone warm up for the event --  except it will not be February and not freezing cold. Looking this picture, it likely wont be much like cold FOSDEM at all:


All details can be found on the Hackfest 2013 wiki page. Thanks to Lanedo for sponsoring this event and also big thanks to for hosting us again!

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