Speakerdeck'd myself ... (also: LibreOffice conference 2012)

Posted by Bjoern Michaelsen on 24 October 2012

Speakerdeck'd myself ... (also: LibreOffice conference 2012)

You're so vain, I'll bet you think this song is about you.

-- You're so vain, Carly Simon

I just uploaded all my past and current slides to speakerdeck, for your pleasure and ridicule. From the just finished LibreOffice conference 2012 in Berlin, this now has:

The QA and RelEng roundtable had no slides and the same is essentially true for "LibreOffice Development Workshop" on Sunday at the UbuCon. If you click through all the slidedecks, you will note that for the gerrit talk, I only fasttracked through the recycled "Crowdsourcing Reviews"-Talk from Paris, just to leave the stage for David and Robert to talk about the interesting and new stuff. They deserve all the credit really, as anyone having seen the talk or the stream can attest!

To the freshly volunteered canaries: I will send a you a mail on how to proceed soon, promised!

Finally, I have to highlight this awesome video by Cloph, which played right after the welcome talk. It shows how awesome, diverse and buzzing the LibreOffice community has become -- One year of activity on the LibreOffice core repository:

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