How to survive being bought by Oracle

Posted by Bjoern Michaelsen on 21 August 2023

How to survive being bought by Oracle?

When I wrote Quo vadis with The Document Foundation? a month ago, that was mostly a side product of sorting out my thoughts on open source governance in general, and on LibreOffice in particular. And while that sparked some discussion on the identity of the LibreOffice project, mostly here on Board Discuss, it ultimately was preparation for a talk Thorsten and me had submitted for a vacation on Chaos Communication Camp 2023. Our preparation was somewhat chaotic -- because both Thorsten and me decided to get very creative about the "dont come by car" suggestion by the organizers and our talk being scheduled on the first day of the event -- so we ended up honouring the LibreOffice tradition of finishing slides only hours before the scheduled slot.

The session itself did not seem to have suffered too much by this -- it was more free form, which might actually have been a bonus. We ended up even being allowed to use some extra time for Q&A as there was quite some interest for that in the audience.

The video recording can be found on and describes both bits of the history of the LibreOffice fork a decade ago and lessons learned that are still relevant for open source communities forking (or otherwise reorganizing themselves) today.

A huge thank you to all the volunteers that made #CCCamp23 (and therefore this talk) happen, especially c3voc for the recording and c3cert who did a great job in checking a minor injury I suffered due to my own stupidity during the event.

Comments? Feedback? Additions? Most welcome here on the fediverse !