Take It Easy

Posted by Bjoern Michaelsen on 2 August 2011

Take It Easy

Don’t let the sound of your own
Wheels drive you crazy
-- Eagles, Take It Easy
Our own success with the EasyHacks -- a list of things to do for newcomers to get started with the LibreOffice project -- was a bit overwhelming: The amount of things to do and the amount of things getting done in short periods of time made the EasyHacks wiki page a hub of activity -- but it also became quickly confusing to the unsuspecting newcomer, who might soon feel like experiencing a MIT-style firehose education. So after a lively discussion on the dev@ mailing list we decided to take the main chunk of the task handling to bugzilla.

So here they are, your shiny new EasyHacks:You might miss "Easy Hacks by Topic" and "Easy Hacks by Component" and a few others, and you are right. And as with so many things at LibreOffice -- there is an EasyHack for it.

So while I will return to my vacation now, I wish you all some happy hacking!

This might be a good time to check and update "your" EasyHacks:
  • If you are working on an Easy Hack and have a bugzilla account by now, you can assign it to yourself.
  • If you have finished an Easy Hack, you can close it on bugzilla.
  • If you have created Easy Hacks you might want to update their tags, so that it shows up in the right lists. This is especially true for these Easy Hacks.

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