Free Four

Train Stops

MessageBox API change

LibreOffice Las Palmas Hackfest 2014

Announcing BundesGit for LibreOffice

Document Liberation announced

LibreOffice bugzilla status

Liberated Build System: Mission accomplished!


LibreOffice IDE integration

Roadwarrioring and visiting Freiburg

Gimme Fuel, Gimme Fire

Milan, West Coast and Freiburg

Easy LibreOffice and Ubuntu Saucy Salamander released to the wild

LibreOffice Lightning


tb3 -- more efficient tinderboxing

speakerdeck'd myself -- again

bugs and fixes in LibreOffices issue tracker -- beyond the 3.6 series

LibreOffice 3.6.7 on Ubuntu: 547 bug fixes and zero known, well-triaged regressions against version 3.6.0 on release